We manufacture and install a specially developed grass seed coulter for mounting on almost all row seeders, both air seeders and conventional seed drills. The seed coulter consists of a spring-loaded arm with a 340×50 mm rubber pressure roller mounted on it. On this arm sits a simple seed coulter, which can be easily and precisely adjusted to the depth at which you want to place the seed using a clamping handle and an engraved scale. The rubber pressure roller presses the soil firmly around the seed, ensuring for easier access to water and thus better germination. The depression in the soil left by the pressure roller protects the small seed during germination and directs water down to the seed coat, so that even in dry years there is reasonable germination.

The advantage of mounting these seed coulters on the regular seed drill is that it saves work as both cover crop and seed are sown at the same time, leaving the field more even and with fewer tracks, and that the seed coulter runs between the rows of the seed drill so that the seed is placed between the seed rows from the seed drill. Furthermore, it is possible for to mount an extra outlet in the form of a pipe at the back of the seed coulter so that fertilizer can be applied on top of the seed row. Different distributors can be used to blow seed and fertilizer into the seed coulter.

The above is mounted on 2 Amazone machines, 1 Accord and on a newly developed seed drill for double plot seeding at DLF Store Heddinge.

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