Seedy 5000 - Self-propelled seed drill specially developed for Ghotia Camellion seed drill

Seedy 5000 was developed specifically for testing the Swedish Ghotia Camælion seed drill

The machine is equipped with a 90 HP John Deere engine and Flexiseeder seeding equipment, as well as a Camellion seed drill that can become a row cleaner and is controlled by camera.

Hydraulic drive on all 4 wheels, driver's seat with steering wheel and joystick for operation, and air cushioned seat.

The operator to operate the 2 Flexiseeder dosing units also sits on the platform in an air-suspended seat.

The 2 Flexiseeder units, 1 with belt and 1 with cell wheel can both deliver to the seed drill coulters using the Flexiseeder air distribution system.

This system is powered by 2 hydraulic fans that distribute seed to the seed coulters via interchangeable heads

The heads are available with different numbers of outlets and can be replaced quickly and easily.

There is also a Sirrius constant metering unit, which can also be connected to the coulters using the air distribution system.

Speedy 2500 Demonstration

Speedy 2500 Wheat Master


Engine 90 HP John deere

4 wheel steering

Hydraulic propulsion

Hydraulic pumps for pulling the blower for Flexiseeder lint dispersing system

Lift bag for groomers

Air control valve and 2 pressure tanks for spraying equipment